A little about the content

Thank you all 245416 visitors to my page since the start 21 of april 2019.

Hi Welcome to my site. Here I will post pictures of Norwegian music magazines. Content such as posters, vinyls, stickers, autograph cards, buttons and other items will also be posted here.

I do not have a complete overview of everything, so call for help also where I lack things. Hope there are some among you who can help.

In the beginning, focus will be on TOPP, POP, LOGO and Norwegian poster magazines.

Feel free to contact me: Email@norskemusikkblader.com


John C

17.10.2019 07:37

WOW!! I love your site. I am a big fan of Tiffany the singer from 1988. I collect music magazines from all over the world. You have such an awesome page. I want to share it with my friends. :)